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Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise cabochon
Welcome to We are proud to offer affordable quality and unique Native American Indian Turquoise Jewelry on the Web.
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Cowboy and Lady presents a beautiful collection of Hand-made Turquoise Jewelry created by master Navajo and Zuni artists from the reservations in Arizona and New Mexico.

Turquoise jewelry may be fashioned to include portions of the rock in which it was found. This rock is referred to as matrix. The matrix often forms a pattern called "spiderweb," which many people prefer to stones without matrix.


A stone worn to advantage by men and women of all ages, turquoise and turquoise jewelry offers great variety. It can be set in silver or gold, alone or in combination with other gemstones to produce an unlimited number of design possibilities for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, belts, watchbands and tie ornaments.

turquoise nugget necklace
turquoise squash blossom Turquoise is often the stone of choice in many Native American Indian jewelry designs. Many lovely pieces combine the use of turquoise with other stones and silver to make incredible turquoise jewelry designs. You can generally find designs that are tradiational Indian jewelry as well as more contemporary pieces.
In parts of the Southwest, men often wear sterling silver turquoise belt buckles. They may also wear silver turquoise rings, pendants or bracelets. Turquoise has enjoyed increased popularity in recent years, with celebrities donning chunky turquoise jewelry at exclusive Hollywood events. Women have undoubtedly appreciated this vibrant touch of color to their attire, as sterling silver turquoise jewelry has been among the most popular of jewelry items in 2003.
Turquoise can be cut such that portions of the rock in which it was found are included. The rock portion is termed the matrix, and the matrix forms the “spiderweb” pattern. Some jewelry wearers prefer turquoise without matrix, while others enjoy the spiderweb appearance. This is really a matter of personal taste.
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Turquoise: December's birthstone is rich with legend and folklore, from ancient Turkish culture, to the Spanish explorers who settled the American southwest, to the modern American Indian cultures. It was believed to fade when danger or illness is near, or when a lover was unfaithful. In other cultures it was a harbinger of good fortune, success and health. Turquoise can be set in gold or silver, alone or with other stones to produce an unlimited number of design possibilities.
Turquoise Care Tips
Avoid contact with soap or grease. Do not use a mechanical cleaning device on your silver turquoise jewelry as this may cause damage to the stones. Avoid subjecting turquoise to trauma or shock, since turquoise tends to be softer than harder gemstones (like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies). Remember to remove turquoise jewelry when doing manual work to avoid scratching the stones.
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Turquoise Bracelets
Native American Indian Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry
You will find a great selection of men and womens Turquoise Bracelets from Native American Indian Artists of the Southwest.
We are always adding new Bracelets so be sure to check out the "Whats New" section.
Turquoise Necklaces
Native American Jewelry and Southwestern Jewelry
This is one GREAT Native American Indian Turquoise Necklace. With Turquoise as blue as the Southwest Sky.
Indian Arts and Crafts
Native American Indian Art, Crafts and Native American Gifts
Native American Indian Arts are wonderful gifts to collect or give They will always be cherished and appreciated by everyone.