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Indian Porcelain Dolls by Timeless Collection


Simply a must for any Native American Indian porcelain doll collector seeking a Limited Edition hand Crafted Porcelain Doll, each one is numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is signed by the Artist.

Collect them all and be the envy of all your collector friends.

NATIVE AMERICAN PORCELAIN DOLLS by TIMELESS COLLECTIONS. Each Native American Indian porcelain doll from the Timeless Collection series is a limited edition of either 2,500 or 5000, when this number is reached, the edition is closed. Each doll may vary slightly from image as each doll is hand made and handcrafted.

These beautiful hand-crafted porcelain dolls are flawlessly detailed and dressed in authentic Native American traditional styles. Some of the porcelain dolls come with beaded fringe and feathers, others include jewelry and beads and are designed by a master artisan.

Shop for Porcelain Dolls by Timeless Collection

Each American Indian porcelain doll is lovingly created and the quality of the work is outstanding from the detailed eyelashes and face to the hands, feet and costumes.
Limited quantities on these Timeless Native American series porcelain doll collection so order today!

  • South Wind SOLD
  • Blackfeet Woman SOLD
  • Kima Porcelain Doll
  • Kimo Porcelain Doll
  • White Dove SOLD
  • Little Sister with Cradle Baby
  • Buffalo Lady SOLD
  • Little Star
  • Angel Peace
  • Speaking Wind
  • Desert Wind
  • Medicine Man
  • Angel Lark SOLD
  • Angel Star
  • Iron Horse
  • Little Drummer SOLD
  • Angel Lily SOLD
  • Papoose Woman SOLD
  • Cradle Baby SOLD
  • Lady Pearl SOLD
  • Desert Dawn SOLD
  • Red Wing SOLD
  • Desert Rose SOLD
  • Angel Iris SOLD
  • Snowbird SOLD
  • Lady Crow SOLD
  • Morning Glory
Shop for Porcelain Dolls by Timeless Collection
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Turquoise Bracelets
Native American Indian Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry
You will find a great selection of men and womens Turquoise Bracelets from Native American Indian Artists of the Southwest.
We are always adding new Bracelets so be sure to check out the "Whats New" section.
Indian Headdresses
Native American Indian Headdress
Native American Indian Headdress and Indian War Bonnets is the most colorful and picturesque item of Indian Headdress worn by the Native American Indian Tribes.
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Turquoise Necklaces
Native American Jewelry and Southwestern JewelryThis is one GREAT Native American Indian Turquoise Necklace. With Turquoise as blue as the Southwest Sky
Indian Pottery

The 19 Pueblos of New Mexico and the Hopi in Arizona each have their own distinctive Native American pottery style.
Pottery Catalog
Sand Paintings
Native American Indian Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry
The Navajo Sand painting is a symbolic representation of some portion of Navajo mythology and is a big part of the lengthy curing rites and is used by most tribes in the Southwest.
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Black Hills Gold
Landstrom's Black Hills Gold Jewelry continues a century-old tradition of producing only the finest handcrafted Black Hills Gold Jewelry.
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Indian Arts and Crafts
Native American Indian Art, Crafts and Native American Gifts
Native American Indian Arts are wonderful gifts to collect or give They will always be cherished and appreciated by everyone.

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