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Thirstystone Drink Coasters, Trivets and Holder

Shop for Thirstystone Drink Coasters
Thirstystone drink Coasters, clocks and trivets are made from totally natural sandstone, by Desert Sandscapes Inc. Natural sandstone absorb the drips from beverages without sticking to the bottom of the glass, bottle, or can.  Thermalstone natural sandstone trivets are great in the kitchen or look wonderful on the dining room table.
The new designs make these trivets a "must buy" and the wooden holders just add that extra touch to your table presentation. Clocks make a great statement in any room of the house. Dessert Sandscapes has picked the best designs from their collection and now offers these to you in a beautiful selection of desk clocks, hanging clocks and counter clocks.
Shop for Thirstystone Drink Coasters
The Natural Choice in Giftware

Thirstystone drink coasters are made from completely natural sandstone formed millions of years ago. The process by which Thirstystone drink Coasters are produced begins at their quarries in the southwestern United States where, using mining equipment, they extract large boulders weighing from 2,000 to 12,000 pounds. Then they transport the boulders to the factory in Tucson, Arizona. Each stone is evaluated individually before cutting to determine its best product use for function and beauty.


Using diamond saws and equipment, the stone goes through several stages of cutting and hand finishing. As the stone is entirely natural, unique colors, patterns, bandings, swirls, etc. are created, making each finished product individual and unique.

Shop for Thirstystone Drink Coasters

Their expertise and control of every process, from mining the raw material through all phases of manufacturing to arrive at the finished product, makes them the finest and most complete source for 100% authentic sandstone gift items.

Shop for Thirstystone Drink Coasters
Cleaning: Rinse your drink coasters in cool, clear water and allow to air dry. A fresh beverage stain will most often wash out with plain water. Old or stubborn stain: wet, apply a few drops of mild detergent and lightly scrub with a sponge or brush. Rinse and allow it to air dry. (Dishwashing is not recommended as the extreme abrasion and heat of a dishwasher will cause the natural cork backing to deteriorate).
Drink Coasters that never loose their ability to absord. New Designs include Norman Rockwell, The Masters and wonderful new southwest designs too, such as the Dragonfly, Pride and Joy and the new Hummingbirds. Thirstystone coasters are the original in sandstone coasters. To see all the designs available browse our new southwest gifts catalog.
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