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Native American Headdresses
Native American Indian Headdresses and Indian War Bonnets are the most colorful and picturesque item of headdress worn by the Native American Indian tribes. Designs change from tribe to tribe. For instance, The Sioux have a large flair and are much more colorful and attractive Indian war bonnets, while the Crow Tribes bonnet slopped back flatter on the head.
See all our Native American Headdresses.
Pawnee indian Headdresses
Native American Headdress by the Pawnee Indians. Trims and accents may vary, all items are one of a kind. No two pieces are alike. Fully beaded browband and matched rosettes. Made by various Pawnee Artists.
See all our Pawnee indian Headdresses.
Headdress Displays
Display for Indian Headdress. Styrofoam head fits inside of cap.
See all our Headdress Displays.
Native American Pottery
Here you will see a variety of Native American Indian pottery from the various Tribes of the Southwest. Wonderful Navajo pottery done by Susie Charlie and Hilda Whitegoat. Acoma Pottery by Diane Aragon. New horsehair pottery by Geri Vail.
See all our Native American Pottery.
Horse Hair Pottery
Horse Hair Pottery direct from the Navajo Indian reservation, the Horse Hair Pottery is fired using a special technique that creates fine lines by burning in the hair from the mane of the horse, and thick lines from the hair of the tail. The horse hair is applied by hand. As the hair is consumed by the fire it twists and turns, each piece becoming an original never to be duplicated again. After the pot is fired, it is polished. This horse hair pottery is handcrafted by various Navajo Indians on the Navajo Indian reservation. Each piece is a unique, one of a kind piece of art.
See all our Horse Hair Pottery.
PUEBLO Pottery
See all our PUEBLO Pottery.
Wedding Vases
One of the most popular pieces of Navajo pottery is the Navajo Wedding Vase. This pottery is based on the Navajo tradition that the godmother of the groom must make the vase. The vase is a single vessel with two spouts and symbolizes the man and woman living separate lives who are now coming together, in the sacred ceremony of marriage, to become one.
See all our Wedding Vases.
19 x 19 Navajo Sand Paintings
See all our 19 x 19 Navajo Sand Paintings.
14 x 14 Sand Paintings
See all our 14 x 14 Sand Paintings.
10 x 10 Sand Paintings
Navajo Sand Paintings and Sand Painting boxes from Native American Indian Artists make wonderful gifts that last forever. Pictures created from sand.
See all our 10 x 10 Sand Paintings.
Zuni Fetishes
Many Native American Indian Tribes made and used animal fetishes. Each fetish was seen as possessing unique powers of the animal it represented. If treated respectfully, it would bestow these living powers on the owner of the fetish. The bear symbolizes tremendous power and strength. Since it hibernates every year, it is associated with change. Therefore, the bear fetish offers strength in the face of adversity during the transitions and changes of a person's life. Handcarved Zuni Fetishes and also Navajo Fetishes.
See all our Zuni Fetishes.
Kachina Dolls
Handmade Navajo and Hopi Kachina Dolls from various Native American Artists from the Southwest.
See all our Kachina Dolls.
Dream Catchers
Many Indian people hang a dream catcher above their bed to sift their dreams and visions. The good is captured in the web of life and carried with the people, but the evil in their dreams drops through the hole in the center of the web and is no longer a part of their lives. It's said that the dream catcher holds the destiny of the future.
See all our Dream Catchers.
Native American Flute Music
The enchanting music of Native American flutes, drums and chants blend magically with sounds from all over the world to form a rich landscape of musical sound paintings inspired by the ancient cultures of the Southwest.

Flute music inspired by Native American night chants and lullabies. Moods evolve from upbeat to reflective, using multiple flutes, ceremonial percussion instruments.
See all our Native American Flute Music.
Native American Books
A sensuous journey of color, scent, and flavor through 5 North American Regions. Over 150 Native American Delicious, Authentic and Traditional Dishes.
See all our Native American Books.
See all our Artifacts.

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Turquoise Bracelets
Native American Indian Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry
You will find a great selection of men and womens Turquoise Bracelets from Native American Indian Artists of the Southwest.
We are always adding new Bracelets so be sure to check out the "Whats New" section.
Turquoise Necklaces
Native American Jewelry and Southwestern JewelryThis is one GREAT Native American Indian Turquoise Necklace. With Turquoise as blue as the Southwest Sky
Indian Pottery

The 19 Pueblos of New Mexico and the Hopi in Arizona each have their own distinctive Native American pottery style.
Pottery Catalog
Sand Paintings
Native American Indian Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry
The Navajo Sand painting is a symbolic representation of some portion of Navajo mythology and is a big part of the lengthy curing rites and is used by most tribes in the Southwest.
Sand Painting Catalog
Black Hills Gold
Landstrom's Black Hills Gold Jewelry continues a century-old tradition of producing only the finest handcrafted Black Hills Gold Jewelry.
Black Hills Gold Catalog
Indian Arts and Crafts
Native American Indian Art, Crafts and Native American Gifts
Native American Indian Arts are wonderful gifts to collect or give They will always be cherished and appreciated by everyone.
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